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Simple Time Tracking for Projects & Clients

Track time via our intuitive timesheets, and never lose a billable hour. Project finished? Invoice your project based on tracked hours with a click.

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Individual rates

Define different rates for each project, user, task or service. Your rates are used to calculate the project billable amount.

Teams & roles

Set team member roles according to your requirements: standard, project manager or administrator.

Seamless invoice integration

Automatically invoice projects based on selected invoice method (user-, project-, or task-rate) and tracked hours.

Manage projects and budgets

Deskmeister provides real-time reports and KPIs to manage your projects: budget depletion, utilization and tracked hours.

Manage project teams

Use advanced project settings to define different team members, rates and tasks for each project.

Monitor budgets

Get instant insights into budgets and costs using predefined & custom project reports.

Invoice projects

Easily invoice and archive projects upon completion. Send invoices by email to your customers.

Analyze projects and company hours

Stay on top of your numbers, monitor time tracked and gain valuable insights on your business: What is my client and project overhead? How accurate are my budget projections? Using Deskmeister you can answer these critical questions in no time.

Filter & group data

Filter and group data to generate custom reports.

Lock time entries

Lock old time entries to prevent changes.

Export data

Export all time entries to Microsoft Excel.

Fast online invoicing

Invoices can be prepared within minutes using Deskmeister. Account for your projects and orders automatically by time expenditure or use our free-form to create invoices manually.

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Individual default texts & logo

Set your own default texts such as payment terms or invoice messages. Upload your company logo to customize your invoices.

Invoice IDs

Set your own pattern for invoice IDs. When you create a new invoice Deskmeister will suggest a new invoice ID based on your pattern.

Sending invoices

You can send invoices to your customers right from Deskmeister. Use custom default texts for thank-you messages and payment terms.